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SquareFoot are market leaders in providing accurate floor plans across Scotland. Floor plans are an essential part of any marketing package, our experienced team deliver floor plans within 24 hours of survey to ensure marketing efficiency.

Our residential plans are surveyed in accordance with the RICS guidelines, and are provided in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PDF & PNG. All of our plans include dimensions in both metric and imperial measurements along with a gross internal area.


SquareFoot provide plans in AutoCad and PDF format for commercial property sale and lease purposes, available within 24 hours of the site survey to ensure the highest level of marketing efficiency. 

The plans produced for commercial properties by SquareFoot adhere to the International Measuring Standards (IMPS) Professional Code of measuring practice, as set by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). 

Our drawings include area breakdowns on request for: 

  • IMPS 1 and GEA Comp (formerly GEA)

  • IMPS 2 - Office and GIA Comp (formerly GIA)

  • IMPS 3 - Office and NIA Comp (formerly NIA)

Our surveys are drawn to an accuracy of 2% as stated in Appendix A of IMPS 2016. Surveys drawn to a higher level of accuracy are available on request. 


SquareFoot offer our residential format floor plans for lease and rental property marketing. Our rental floor plans are drawn to the same RICS standards; these include dimensions and areas in both imperial and metric units, a valuable tool for prospective tenants and investors.

HMO SquareFoot offer a specific floor plan for inclusion with applications for HMO licenses applied for local councils. 

A HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) license is required for all rental properties that are; the main home of three or more residents, or, the residence are members of three or more families. 

A floor plan is required to demonstrate that a property meets the criteria set by local authorities. Information on these criteria can be found on your local city council's website. 

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