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Prepping your home for sale

Please watch the video below for some tips on prepping your home,
ahead of our photographers visit, to maximise your sale potential.

  • Prepping - Do I have to do anything before you arrive at my property?
    There's a reason this is the top question and, the short answer is yes. you will naturally want to ensure your property is looking as appealing as possible. This involves some prepping on your part, tidying and generally de-cluttering of personal items so that viewers can fully appreciate the rooms and space in your home. Most customers thankfully do prep their property ahead of our visit, however here are a few tips to think about; In all rooms generally, remove or hide out of site personal items such as bills and papers from desks or tables, kids toys, laundry, dressing gowns, shoes, pet related items, fridge magnets & kids drawings, items under beds or on top of wardrobes, also straighten out duvet covers and puff up cushions etc. Hallways can be used to temporarily store items while the main rooms are being photographed. Leave out decorative items, hide away everything else. Kitchens and bathrooms, no dishes in sink or on drainer, hide all products e.g. shampoos, shower gel, fairy liquid, cleaning products, toothbrushes, hand towels toilet rolls etc. Some upmarket soaps are ok, but just a single bottle or two. Clean your mirrors, wipe smudges from appliances, hide bins where possible. Gardens and driveways, where possible, take care of dead leaves, hide away garden tools or children’s toys and remove your car from the driveway. This last one is a crucial one for us to ensure we get a great front image for your brochure. Even more crucial that this is done in advance of our arrival as, in Scotland with the sun being so fleeting, we often have just moments to capture the optimal shot before the sun disappears behind a cloud. The list above is by no means exhaustive and hopefully common sense. Our job here is to capture the best images possible for you. With your help in prepping and de-cluttering, in advance of our arrival, our professional photographers can focus on doing what they do best; capturing your house at its best. In the words of Jerry Maguire, "Help us, help you!" :)
  • Should I remove all of my family photographs?
    No. We like your family photographs. They add decoration to a room and help your house feel like a home. In some rare cases, where there are an excessive number of photographs, it may be useful to consider removing a few to help declutter. This is ultimately your choice, and should you have any privacy concerns and prefer not to display your photographs, then feel free to remove or replace them.
  • How long will the process take?
    Good question and this obviously depends largely on the size of your property. Assuming everything is prepped nicely and ready for us to shoot (see question above), as a rough guide for a one or two bedroom flat we would expect to take up to an hour. On the other end of the scale, a mansion house in the country set in its own grounds, or a four level Georgian townhouse might see us there for 3 hours or longer. You'll appreciate the old adage 'how long is a piece of string' most definitely applies here! We always aim to be as fast and efficient as possible.
  • Do I have to be there?
    Not at all, although you can of course be there throughout if you prefer. Alternatively, agents can make keys available to us to attend your property if finding a time is proving difficult. If you need to leave for any reason while a shoot is taking place this is no problem. We will leave everything exactly as we found it and lock up securely when we leave, returning a set of keys to a safe place or to your agent.
  • Are photographs weather dependent?
    Good weather is generally not so crucial for interior shots as we are focussing on lighting the room. In fact, an overcast day can often help make an interior image brighter and more pleasing to the eye. Externals are a different story, and we will always look to get your external and any view or outlook shots on a sunny day, if necessary returning to get those at the earliest opportunity should we not have the sun on our first visit. In the rare case you are looking to get on the market urgently, but the weather has been against us, we can edit the images in other ways to give the impression of a nice clear day. The results can be very good and a great solution for those grey and rainy days.
  • There are a few specific photos I'd like taken, is that ok?
    Our experienced team will shoot more than enough photographs which we feel will effectively market your property to its full potential. Not only do our photographers know which images will help attract the most interest, they also know which images may put off potential buyers. Nobody knows your house better than you do however, so if there is any particular feature or detail you would like to highlight, we are more than happy for you to bring this to our attention. Just let us or our photographer know when they arrive at your property.
  • I have tenants in the property, how will that work?
    We understand that this is often unavoidable. We would ask that you give your tenants notice and ask them to prep your property as best they can in advance of our arrival. As a rule we do not touch the belongings of tenants, so anything not already prepared will be photographed in situ or not photographed at all. Please do make a point of ensuring your tenant knows we are arriving as, believe it or not, we have on the odd occasion turned up and found students still in bed with the flat a mess. Our ethic is to try and avoid further costs to you where possible, however, you'll appreciate in certain situations, there may be an additional fee to pay for us to make an another visit.
  • What about video and can I add it to my order?
    Sceneinvideo is the name we give to our property movies, some of which you may have already seen on social media or on property listings. In a nutshell, these are affordable short films that capture the flow and feel of your property in an engaging walkthrough manner. Sceneinvideo's are suitable for all property types and can be really effective at increasing your marketing exposure, especially to mobile and online audiences. When shared on social media, the video views of your home can rack up into the thousands and can help stimulate greater interest in your property. The videos take only a few minutes to film at the start or end of the photographers visit so do not add much time onto our visit. Check out these examples below and, if you have not yet ordered a video, please calll your agent directly so they can advise you on which video is right for your property. As an additional benefit, many clients also like to have the video as a 'keepsake' of their property. We will happily supply the download links once your property has sold.
  • What does the floor planner do?
    Floor Plans are a crucial part of your property marketing materials and we pride ourselves in producing the best plans on the market. Our floor planners job is to take exact measurements of each room/space so that a plan can be drawn up. We do ask that any garage or outbuilding keys are labelled and left in an obvious place for the planner (and photographer potentially) so that they can access those areas quickly and easily. Our floor planner will sometimes arrive at the same time as our photographer but they can easily both carry out their job at the same time.
  • What are the turnaround timescales?
    We always aim to have your edited photos, floor plans and/or video electronically delivered to your agent in 24 - 48 hours. Should you need a shorter turnaround, please let your agent know and we will do what we can to accommodate this.
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We create punchy and engaging property videos to suit any scale of property. From short teasers to bespoke productions, we consistently produce quality, expertly graded videos that will maximise your sales or lettings potential.  Furnished or unfurnished, our dynamic videos bring property to life and keep viewers engaged longer when shared on social media.  For prime properties, we can add stunning aerial footage to really make your home stand out in a crowded marketplace.  We will make the correct video to suit the property which will include all key rooms and convey flow through your home.  

If you've not already ordered a video,  call our lovely Kath in the office now on 07720 634 835 to add one ahead of our visit.
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